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There is a class for everyone

I can give Inspirational talks suitable to a large scope of audiences, from the management level to the working floor, including short origami workshops, to suit any occasion. 

I am offering as well various different origami classes for students of every level, from beginners to intermediate and advanced lessons.

IGO 210 Double Fish End reverse
Really Rotated Cubes Tess the other side
050 Wood and Metal Table full view.jpg


According to need

The best way to learn origami, with step by step advancement, suited to your needs. Take one lesson to explore the beauty of origami, come for a full year program or any number of lessons in between.
Learn all origami genres, from an active origami artist, that folds for a living!


According to needs

Since my retirement, I taught hundreds of students, in all ages and professions. 
I was a teacher for gifted young students during 2010-2015 and since then I teach origami for industrial, fashion and interior designers, in HIT and other schools.
My recent project is Origami for Teachers, a full course to make you an Origami teacher (a diploma is given by the Oranim Academic School).
My classes include Origami and Science, Origami and Design, Creativity through Origami, Origami and Technology, and Origami for Fun. For any age, any level, and any number of participants.


According to needs

This is a story about how origami changed my life. At the age of 44, I retired from the Intelligence forces and started a new career - Origami artist. What started with paper, soon changed to metal, wood and other materials. From paper tessellations, I now make metal jewelry, work of arts and design. See me tell this story at the TEDx talk in Palo Alto, 2019. 

Take a class with me at Garibi Origami.

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